T.sonic 630 says, Ill be Back

Watch out! There’s a new MP3 Player out in the world! It goes by the name of T.sonic 630 series made by Transcend Information, Inc.

There’s several features that I REALLY like and feel is absolutely necessary in any MP3 player in this model. First, using a USB 2.0 Port transfer your files from computer to T.sonic 630 like you would any removable drive. I love this because it means you don’t need to install software (boring) and you can use it with nearly any OS – Linux, Windows, etc.

Ok, so what else can this device do beside let you easily copy various files – including MP3’s, WAV and WMA – and play audio? Enter…

With an FM Radio I’d be able to listen to my Sirius FM transmiter on the T.sonic 630 easily around the house. I sometimes use a walkman for that purpose. But, as we all know, you just can’t have enough gadgets. But WAIT! There’s a Built-in Microphone. I love recording my own horrible Brooklyn accent reminding myself of some silly appointment or something my Aunt wants me to look up on the web. The 630 has a plug for Line-In recording. I can use an external Mic or plug in to another device including directly from a CD player. NICE! The One-Touch Recording works even if the device happens to be off initially. Meaning, you can suddenly decide you just HAVE something brilliant to say, hit the record button and, WHAM, the 630 starts recording.

Holy Moly! There’s Scheduled Recordings! Preset a time to auto-start recording. That’s a nice way to record a Sirius program if I happen to be out!

There’s some very classy features like a clock which displays local and world times. White text (4-Line) OLED Display which can be seen at any angle and under any light condition. I hate peering and squinting at displays. Annoying!
An A-B repeat function allows you to continuously replay a designated section of a track. I’d be able to repeat those favorite moments from ‘Land Down Under’.
You can show off your worldliness by having the filenames and song/artist title displayed in one of any 12 user languages.
The rechargeable Li-ion battery can give 15 hours of continuous music playback. Plus there’s a Playlist Builder.
The 630 does come with software which can be used to Lock your computer and setup Passwords for your files.

The only decision you really have to make is what size or what color: 1GB: Orchid, 2GB: White or 4GB: Black

Written by Cecilia