Make a Mad Dash for your T-Mobile Dash

I’ll wait until you stop groaning. Ready? Ok. The BIG Announcement from T-Mobile is that tomorrow, May 4th the T-Mobile Dash will be the first to offer Windows Mobile 6.

T-Mobile Dash customers can upgrade from Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6 via a free desktop download available directly from T-Mobile.

If you don’t have The Dash yet, it will be available – with Windows Mobile 6 – from T-Mobile retail stores and online beginning in June.

T-Mobile Dash has an array of features to let the user access and communicate with their Office Software, including the ability to view and edit Microsoft Office documents.

T-Mobile is providing customers with the entire suite of rich Windows Live services to stay connected to those who matter most. Dash customers will enjoy Windows Live Messenger to chat with more than one person at a time and to express themselves through emoticons; Windows Live Hotmail that is up-to-date and pushed directly to the device; all of their contacts in a unified, presence-enabled list; Live Search to quickly and efficiently search the Web for news, local businesses and entertainment, directions, maps, images, and more; as well as Windows Live Spaces to access links to friends’ spaces within contact cards and send photos directly to their space from their mobile device.

T-Mobile Dash offers the unique myFavesSM experience, a fun and easy-to-use phone interface which features images of the five people that matter most as well as unlimited national calling to those five U.S. phone numbers (excluding toll-free and 900 numbers). myFaves provides access to a straightforward communications menu for effortless e-mail, text and multimedia messaging with just one click.

The T-Mobile Dash provides quick and convenient access to personal and professional e-mail, and all four major instant messaging providers – AOL(r), Yahoo!(r), Windows Live Messenger and ICQ. With the addition of Windows Mobile 6, customers now have the ability to view e-mail messages in their original rich HTML format with live links to Web sites, which means text and images are displayed as they would be on a PC, whether from a Web-based account such as Windows Live Hotmail or from a myriad of other popular service providers.

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Written by Cecilia