A ‘Gem’ of a Case for my Pearl

I have been having fun dressing up my BlackBerry Pearl as of late. I have different color cases, different leather cases, sleeve cases – all kinds of ways to protect my investment. For the moment, however, my Pearl is staying put in one particular case and, it is not surprise that it is a Vaja case. Vaja has taken some unique approaches to making a case for the BlackBerry – read on for my thoughts and a full review. I love my Pearl, but, it is not the most ‘durable’ feeling phone that I have ever carried around. I love the size, but I want to protect it from unforeseen disaster without adding too much in the way of bulk. So, my mission has been to find the perfect case.

I have seen and used some of the most beautiful and expensive cases from some of the world’s best manufacturers. I was very happy when my new Vaja Balance case arrived. Like all Vaja cases, it comes packaged beautifully and meticulously. Open the box and the smell of that leather just permeates throughout the room.

My sample case came in a very nice shade of Red, which complimented my White Pearl quite nicely.

About Vaja

Vaja has long been known as one of the ‘Premier’ leather case manufacturers in the world Their cases are custom ordered – the user picks out the type of leather and the color combination and can even get it engraved They are known for using premium full grained Argentinean Cowhide which is both beautiful to look at and smell and very durable.


The Balance case is a semi-rigid, hard leather case. The back is a thicker, more solid piece of leather, and the front and sides is more of a ‘padded’ hard leather design. This case is made to slip over the BlackBerry. It is very tight fitting, so the user has to make sure to lock the keyboard before they try to insert the Pearl into the case. One inside the case, the Pearl is held very tightly and securely.

Vaja has tried something new with the design of this case. Instead of ‘cutouts’ for the volume up and down buttons and the two convenience keys (usually programmed for the camera and voice dial) they have a thinner leather part of the case right over these buttons with marking on the leather. Over the volume keys is a simple + and – key on the respective button. I was initially skeptical that this might inadvertently put too much pressure on the keys – but it worked beautifully.

Vaja does include perfectly designed cutouts for the headphone jack, USB connector, microphone and speaker. The top of the case is totally open and a very nice clear plastic insert protects the lens and mirror around the camera. There is a cutout in the plastic for the lens.


The Vaja Balance Case is, like most Vaja cases, a beautiful thing to behold. Every stitch is perfect. The smell is wonderful. Every cutout is so incredibly perfect that none of the key features are hindered in any way. The fit and finish is just impeccable. It truly looks like it was custom made for the Pearl – and it was. This feels like a case that will withstand the rigors of much use and should protect the Pearl quite well.

Overall Conclusions:

There is just nothing like a Vaja case. There are other premium case manufacturers out there, but the attention to detail, the padding in the leather, the perfection in the cutouts all say that this is just a ‘cut’ above. If your goal is to have a case that matches the incredible style of the Pearl while offering protection and the luxurious feel of fine leather – look no further than the Vaja Balance.

Final Grade: A

Pros: Beautiful, perfect cutout, innovative overlay of leather on certain keys

Cons: Maybe out of the budget of some

The Vaja Balance case for the BlackBerry Pearl can be found at: www.vajacases.com

Written by Gary