Roll Your Behind on Some MOOD Furniture

Years ago you could get a “Mood Ring” which contained crystals that reacted to temperature. This worked great as jewelry because the human body is obviously warmer than the surrounding air (unless you are sitting on a volcano. Don’t try this at home, kids). Place the ring on your finger and Voila! the ring starts to change colors.
Visual Reference Studio has taken this to a new level. They first designed tiles with thermochromatic technology making barefoot walkers very happy! They have introduced a line of furniture that uses the same thermochromatic technology. The Swamp Collection are soft stools, and soft benches in which thermochromatic crystals are embedded into the outer polyurethane fabric. This thermochromatic material is wrapped around soft organic forms made from foam. Not your typical “chair” of “sofa” you can lounge around these, uh, THINGS, caressing the surface and watching it change colors. This surface is so sensitive that even with clothes on you will leave an Impression. I can see people spending time making “art” in the sofa. Who needs TV when you can play with your furnature??

You have to see this to believe it. Go to the interactive website that shows you what happens when you play with thermochromatic surfaces. Run your mouse over the screen and watch the colors change.

Take a look at the PDF which gives you a a good summary of the The Swamp Collection which includes the Swamp bench lounge, Duckweed bench and the Cypress stool.

Written by Cecilia