HD-DVD/Blue Ray War Heats Up

We have seen this coming for some time The war between the two contenders for HD DVD supremacy has been getting very hot lately Major motion picture studios have taken sides in an attempt to sway public opinion The last thing anyone want is another VHS/Beta war where millions of users get left in the cold.

Well, the winner may have just landed a knockout blow HD-DVD for under $100? Would that sway you? Read on.
Yup You read that correctly HD-DVD for under $100.00 Blue what? Toshiba and Wal-mart are betting that millions will scoop up this little baby before the holiday season This will, in turn result in millions of HD-DVD disc sales this holiday season.

Now, if this was a no-name DVD player, I might have reservations – but this is Toshiba – a consistently reliable and quality machine There is almost no excuse to not get this thing and open up the world of HD-DVD playback on your LCD or Plasma TV.

You can’t touch a Blue Ray player for under $300 bucks, so will we see one of those for under $100 soon? This could get very interesting.

Written by Gary