Submit Your Questions for Microsoft in our Windows Mobile Q/

GadgetNutz is fortunate enough to have secured Jay Ongg, Senior Development Lead for Windows Mobile, as our guest for an interview and YOU are invited to submit questions!

The GadgetNutz team will be adding their own questions and will be selecting about twenty questions from those submitted to us. The interview will be posted around the end of next week so we suggest you get your questions in before Wednesday, November 7th.

With all the new developments in the Windows Mobile field, this is a perfect time for an indepth interview with a Microsoft insider. T-Mobile has just released the all-new Shadow which features the new home screen replacement NEO. This new interface makes advanced smartphones like the Shadow easy and fun to use, and Jay will be able to tell us all about it.

To submit your question(s) just add a comment to the comment thread on this article on — and thanks!

Kermit Woodall
Managing Editor

Written by Kermit