Rapid Repair to the Rescue!

iPods. They’re everywhere. They’re small. They’re loved. They’re fragile. They’re nearly impossible to for you fix or even examine when something goes wrong.

Unless you are Rapid Repair!

Rapid Repair started off as an iPod modding company and grew to a repair business. Their prices are fair, in fact they have to be since iPods aren’t very expensive in the first place. However if you have something simple wrong with your iPod, then Rapid Repair will save you quite a bit over replacing your iPod altogether!

There are three steps involved to start with:

Step 1: Order the FREE Express Testing service from their website. (You will have to pay for return shipping in advance)

Step 2: Send your iPod (or Zune, Kindle, or iPhone) to their Repair Service Center using your own packaging.

Step 3: Once received, a technician determines the problem with your device and sends you a detailed repair quote 24-48hrs after your device is received. You can then choose to pay for the repair or sell them your device for salvage.

In our case we had an iPod Nano (2g) with water damage. It had been originally washed in a washing machine and then dried out (once this was discovered) using a baggie filled with rice and, of course, the iPod. The iPod then worked for over six months just fine and then started having problems with the center button working.

We sent it to Rapid Repair overnight. The next afternoon they let us know that there was corrosion on the circuit board and the click wheel assembly was ruined. The price to fix this was slightly over half the price of a refurbished iPod Nano (2g) and only a quarter that of a new iPod Nano. The service included cleaning everything, replacing the click wheel, and testing. One day later we had it back and everything worked perfectly again!

Rapid Repair communicated properly throughout the entire process and the end result spoke for itself. The service is fast and highly affordable.



Written by Kermit