The Bandito ReBound recently found The Bandito wandering the streets of an unnamed east-coast town, and so in this way we have learned that Toshiba is not a company to be messed with. You have been warned.

The Bandito has survived ‘enhanced interrogation’ to bring another round of heated editorial content to the attention of the Gadgetnutz readership.

After learning of the Sony and Toshiba deal involving the sell off of the CEL processor technology, The Bandito wanted to inform the public of the possible implications… As it was later discovered, Toshiba has a much more effective secret police; one that is ready to perform acts pioneered by the SS (aka The Dept of Homeland ‘Security’) to achieve their ultimate goal of the protecting bottom-line. Needless to say, Bandito’s escape was too late to predict the fall of HDDVD, but is in plenty of time to blast the entire gaming industry for the upcoming fallout. Sony wins! Well, they think they’ve managed a coup-de-gras; however, Sony thinks not of the rotten state of their gaming platform. The Sony plan for forcing PlayStation3 sales through over-pricing the BluRay players may yet succeed, as BluRay content is becoming ever more popular. Don’t think the trade-off of the CEL processor to eliminate HDDVD came without a cost to Sony. The amount of capitol for new, updated, and, most importantly, system specific content is lacking. You need proof? Simple. Go to Wal-Mart. Go to Target. Go to your local game retailer; then, use your own eyes to look for PS3 only titles. It’s not difficult, as even with the multi-platform titles available to the PS3 the library is just plain lacking. Yeah, Sony wins…

Microsoft loses! Well, they lose as an all-in-one home-entertainment system. Yeah, you can still play DVD’s, but that $175 (MSRP) HDDVD player is now completely useless. Since there is not yet any BluRay add-on for the XBOX 360, we can only assume that, like Bandito, the Microsoft developers were waterboarded into looking the other way when that Cel processor for HDDVD deal slipped by. However, at least for now, the 360 is still ahead in the quantity of HD games produced, and the total number of platform specific games compared to the PS3. Live Arcade, like Nintendo’s Virtual Console, simply pads their total number of games available for us, the consumer. Apparently, like Parappa the Rapper used to say, ‘It’s all in the mind.’ Microsoft’s ‘loss’ is all in the mind of Sony. (Note, Bandito feels that Microsoft should not let the ball roll aound on the floor any longer–give us BluRay for the Xbox.)

Nintendo is still not playing this game, and it’s a good thing too. If Toshiba had their way, the ‘Big N’ would have had HDDVD capabilities too. A nice big expense to unload onto gamers that would now be totally defunct. It’s hard to call Nintendo a loser, when they just aren’t playing the same kind of game as Sony and Microsoft. However, the fact that even today there are only a number of HD-inputs on a TV should indicate that this platform should at least play standard DVD’s in 480p. Of coarse, with Nintendo, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This platform needs GTA. The Bandito is not concerned with Glenn Beck’s outcry against the GTA-Generation; the young adults of this generation have dictated that GTA marks the differentiation between a standard game-console and a ‘kiddy konsole.’ Nintendo’s generous new market penetration will dry up if they can’t find a way to remedy this situation with Rockstar Games. Yes, Bandito knows that the main topic here is the lack of multi-functionality as a home-entertainment center, but Nintendo has made it clear that they are not going in that direction. Thus, Nintendo needs to start filling the gaps in their gaming library, and they need to do it soon.

The Bandito has made his return to GadgetNutz, and has heard the outcry from the readers. The transitional first year to a new generation of gaming consoles is always kind of difficult on the industry, so the Bandito is here to wag his proverbial finger in the faces of those companies that aren’t doing what they need to. Waterboarding be damned, the Bandito is BACK!

Written by Bandito