Unboxing of the Limited Edition Red E75

Courtesy of WOM World/ Nokia we’ve received this Limited Edition Red E75 complete with suitcase. Other than the different packaging there isn’t any extra accessories or content. The package and presentation is very nice, with no less than 3 boxes(!) inside the suitcase.

Considering that Eseries are intended for use in the business environment, what better way to present the E75 than in a matching suitcase. We were informed that the E75 was sent in connection with a project called ‘Teach a Technophobe.’ Basically, the point is to see how easy it is for those unaccustomed to the world of mobile technology to use email from the Nokia E75 with the help of a Nokia fan. For this WOM World has a few challenges for them to complete, competing against other. These challenges will to be completed on a weekly basis. There’s still a bit of a mystery as to how these challenges will have to be completed, but think of the N96 Ninja challenges but with an Eseries device. Below the unboxing.

Written by Devin