The Melding of Art and Science with Sketch Art

I have long believed that Art And Science are sisters. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than a device such as Hi-Tec Art, LLC’s Sketch Art. The concept is simple, the possibilities are endless.

What you have is a board covered with silicon based rubber in which you push LED’s into. The silicon substrate is self-healing so you can comfortably use it for a long time. The basic kit comes with 100 LED’s of various colors. You can place them in ANY configuration. Basically you ‘draw’ with these LED’s. Once in place you plug the unit into some power source. You have your choice of AC, USB via a computer or DC if you are in your car. This is truly a completely portable device. Oh, and you can insert two AA batteries in case you find yourself at the beach or in the woods.

List of What Comes with the Sketch

gadgetNutz on Sketch

  • (1) Sketch S1 Unit
  • (100) 3mm assorted colored LEDs
  • (1) colored Artwire
  • (20) Artwire clips
  • (1) Insertion tool
  • (1) Extraction Tool
  • (1) Artwire clip insertion tool
  • (1) AC power adapter
  • (1) DC power adapter
  • (1) USB power adapter
  • (1) Soft EVA carrying case
  • (6) Various backgrounds


What is in the box: the power connectors plus the Sketch board in it’s carrying case.

check out the video’s

Hi-Tec Art and beyond! from Hi Tec Art on Vimeo.

This is great for games and making art – obviously. The Sketch is 4″ x 5 3/8″ and comes with several papers that fit over the rubber surface. These can be used to inspire your art or as part of gameplay. And you can print your own pictures as long as it is on paper thin enough to let the LED wires through with no obstruction. The Wires can be secured via Clips letting you make elaborate designs that can be made ‘permanent’ until you change it. Use the supplied tools to insert and remove the LED’s and clips if your fingers aren’t able to easily do it. And if you need more LED’s and wires those are all available from Hi-Tec Art

The Masterpiece is also available. That model is even bigger: 8 3/8″ x 11 3/8″.

This is not just a toy – it’s really great fun. Imagine letting your guests know they are starting to overstay their welcome by lighting up the Sketch with the words “Last Call” flashing…..Imagine driving around advertising your Garage band….in fact I have an idea for my brother’s band, hmmmm. Yes, this is more than just a toy.

The box says this is for kids 8 and above. Come on! Aren’t we all kids on the inside?