Clear Classic USB Joystick from Retrothing

Only The Shadow knows...

James and Bohus are proud to unveil thier first hardware project – the Clear Classic USB Joystick. I’ll let Bohus tell you all about it…

Many people are rediscovering retro gaming thanks to a PC or Mac, but playing 8-bit games with a modern gamepad just isn’t the same. With our Clear Classic USB Joystick, you’ll be playing retro games the right way.

Some kind of blue.We worked with Legacy Engineering (the guys behind the Atari Flashback 2 retro console) to recreate the iconic joystick of the 1970s in transparent plastic.

The magic doesn’t stop there. When you plug it into an available USB port, it lights up with a brilliant blue LED glow that illuminates the design from the inside out. Even the circuit board at the heart of the stick is blue!

The Clear Classic USB Joystick package includes the Stella Atari 2600 emulator and over 80 games including Pacman 4K, Seawolf, Atari 2600 Soccer, Ladybug, and Invaders Plus.

The stick is compatible with almost any emulator that runs Atari, Amiga and Commodore software. It even supports MAME and modern games that expect to see a standard USB joystick.

Running out of desk space...

The Clear Classic stick was designed and manufactured in the USA – the old-school way of doing things. We’re really pleased with the result, and DIYers will be happy to hear that the USB controller board can be removed from the case and used as a standalone control interface for a MAME arcade cabinet or homebuilt game controller. The board even includes labeled solder points to connect a 4 or 8-way arcade stick and up to 8 additional controls such as authentic arcade buttons.

The complete package includes the stick, numbered certificate of authenticity, USB cable and CD with the Stella emulator and over 80 games. This design is a limited edition that will sell out very quickly, so order yours today!