Amiga emulation using a games console – GP2Wiz

The GP2Wiz which can be had from thinkgeek is sold as a gaming system but it also doubles as an Amiga Emulator.

You can add media and games on a SD card which clips into a slot on the GP2Wiz. Play Flash Games, the Video Player plays Mpeg4, Xvid, Divx and Avi files. The Music player accesses ogg and wav files.

Views still images, read comix (that are image files), read Electronic Books. The GP2Wiz also has a built in Audio Recorder and various tools like a calculator and alarm. It comes with a stylus for easy use of it’s touch screen. is the official site so check it out for more details.

You can get a PDF manual and specs at

But if you want to try Amiga emulation go to the openhandhelds site and download the file. Instructions are found within the zip file in a readme text file. Now, i admit this is mostly for “nerds” because you have to monkey with it a bit, but if you are a real Amiga Fan, this should be considered fun. Yes, i know, Amiga Fans are a weird bunch. But what a cool idea! And if you communicate with the programmers you might encourage them to continue development.