iSafe Bags Give Peace of Mind

It is Back To School TIME! Go get the books, pencils, uniforms, Net-books, cell phones and anything else that is on the list……and what about a Backpack? That seems quite common these days. Every kid I see has one.

How about a Backpack that not only has lots of room for all your stuff – two main compartments, two small side pouches one of which has an audio headphone port and several inner sections for dividing your stuff in some logical organization – but includes an extra feature?

Imagine an alarm system to ward off bullies, criminals and weirdos that a child may come across along the way to school. I don’t want to unnecessarily worry any parents reading this but even when I was a High School student I saw a few nutty folks here and there and I’m sure things haven’t changed THAT much. Plus my Catholic School uniform was a wacko magnet!

It’s always better to be Safe than sorry, to coin a phrase. iSafe Backpacks are the perfect safety device. No one looking at a child walking to school would think there was anything unusual about this bag. They come in assorted colors – some especially for little girls with cute pick flowers. Others come in regular blues, blacks, reds, grays. They are very well constructed using Ripstop nylon with the padding in all the right places. When I got mine I examined all the nooks and crannies. And there are A LOT!. I slipped my laptop in the back and it fit very nicely.

However, if some wise guy tries something ‘funny’ the owner of the bag just pulls the “Activation” cord which is attached to the shoulder strap and the alarm sounds immediately. Lights on the front of the bag flash on. That should shock the heck out anyone, giving your child the chance to either escape to safety or alert the authorities to the situation.

iSafe bag

That’s the cord you pull. It’s hidden by a flap that is secured with Velcro. It’s easily accessible but made so that you can’t accidentally set off the alarm. Now, one may wonder how effective this alarm is. So I’m here to let you know. When I received this backpack in the mail I opened it and was looking through the flyers and various reading material that came in the box. My friend who was visiting me picked up the bag. I wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing but suddenly a VERY LOUD sound went off, nearly throwing me off my chair. To say it got my attention is rather an understatement. I was completely shocked! There’s NO doubt in my mind that this would be very effective in deflecting a potential attack. I even brought the bag to my regular computer meeting and had them set off the alarm while I ran off to another room. Tons of fun was had by all. Especially by me as I peeked around the corner to see if it was safe to return in the room. har har

I would suggest that you test the alarm at home before sending your child off to school just so everyone knows what to expect. And it’s more effective when it’s a surprise (Oh, YES!), so instruct your child to not discuss the alarm with others. It’s not a toy.

This is one of the speakers on the right of the picture and part of the alarm on the left. It’s not exactly clear in this picture but the entire assembly is in it’s own little compartment. Easy to get to for replacing batteries but not easy for the wrong person to access and disable.

There are also various models available in addition to backpacks. You have your choice of Messenger Bags and Sling Backpack. These can be used by Adults and children.

One last feature of the iSafe system is the Replacement Policy for when your old bag becomes too worn out to be useful. This is essentially a way to retain the alarm and place it in a new bag saving the consumer up to 50% of the replacement price. This is good news for parents with several children who often shift belongings to the younger sibling. It extends to life and usefulness of the Alarm system.

I’ve very impressed with the usefulness of this device. It does what it’s supposed to and when you need it – helps to protect your safety. And isn’t THAT what technology is for??