How to upgrade your aXbo to iSnooze

As I reported a few days ago “iSnooze” is a new feature of the aXbo clock which gives you a window of snooze-sleep around 30 minutes of your normal wakeup time.

In order to enjoy the features of “iSnooze” you need to upgrade the firmware of your aXbo clock.

This can be a bit complicated so I’ll list the steps.
Go to to login and download all the files you need. I’ll go over the Windows install because that is what I have. I’m going to guess that MAC is not too different and probably easier because it’s one file. Please let me know if that is not the case.

If you have an early version of the aXbo software installed on your Windows computer, UN-installed it.

download “aXbo_windows_2_0_18.exe”
Install it.
download “”
extract and install

Once the installation is completed it told me I needed to restart my computer and as windows tends to misbehave when it doesn’t get it’s way it’s best to let it restart

Once your computer has booted up, go to your Start Menu/programs/aXbo/aXbo up2date and start that program

You should see this window come up

Plug in your clock with the USB cable and the window will look like this:

Click UPDATE and don’t touch anything while it does it’s magic. When it’s done, click OK:

I looked at my clock and it showed the new firmware right on the face

Start up the aXbo research program and now when I check my Firmware Version

as compared to what it WAS I see it all new and ready to go.

Now your clock is ready for the iSnooze feature. Set up your wake up time and when you next wake up and don’t QUITE like getting out of bed just push the button on your wrist sensor. The clock will know when to nudge you within the next half hour.

This new Firmware replaces the function “PowerNap”. Once the the new Firmware has been installed it can not be reversed. On the aXbo site there are various PDF’s with explanations of what to do to install and use iSnooze.