Leather Touchscreen Gloves – Mujjo does it Again!!

Have a look at these Leather Touchscreen Gloves made by the amazing artisans at Mujjo.

Made of the finest Ethiopian lambskin these are first beautifully designed and constructed leather gloves with sharp accents that will make you the envy of racing car drivers. The lambskin is lined with 100% soft natural wool making them toasty warm.

A special treatment makes the this soft leather wind and waterproof, soil resistant and provides excellent anti-microbial properties.

But the really spectacular feature if the revolutionary nanotechnology integrated right into the leather of the gloves. This mimics the conductive properties of the human skin. The gloves literally Become your Second Skin when handling your cell phones and tablets with touch screens.

Like the knitted gloves these are made so the entire glove surface is conductive. How did they do this??? It’s magic! It’s Mujjo!