Share the Genius – LG Optimus G Pro

Yesterday was a beautiful day. And a perfect day for unveiling the LG Optimus G Pro. It comes with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS and certainly feels feisty and fast. It comes with LTE bands standard that work on the AT&T network. I was impressed that it also comes with inbuilt wireless charging. A nice healthy 1080p screen res. You can add a microSD card which is always nice.

It’s also got a 13 MP, Full HD Camera with Dual Recording. There are features for the camera app which many people will find quite fun. They call it “Live Effects”. This includes the ability to find faces automatically and alter them. Things like Big Eyes or Big Mouth. This feature finds all the faces within the frame and alters just those specific face areas. It’s very amusing.

The feature to stitch separate images together looks interesting and seems to work quickly.

The LG can multitask but only with about 4 programs. As seen On my shaky video. I can open an internal video on the LG phone and pop it out as a floating window. I can resize the window and control the transparency. Accessing the notification bar this is where the other apps can be opened. They also can be resized and made more transparent.

This multitasking isn’t as extensive as on the Samsung mutiwindow feature but it seems to work well and smoothly.

I saw the LG phone has NFC but wasn’t able to test it as you have to install software to read a signal. Since it can get all these programs form Google Play that’s easy. The LG is capable of Android Beaming, WiFi Direct.

The LG Optimus G Pro will be available in stores on May 10th