MONTAR Universal Car Mount – Stylish And Highly Effective

montar3 Honestly, I just wanted something that would hold my Note II upright while I use Google Maps to drive into uncharted territory. The MONTAR Universal Car Mount caught my attention not because it had awesome customer reviews or claimed to be sturdily built. Really, it appeared to be the coolest looking GPS mount with its red and black color scheme and sleek appearance. Thankfully, it did not disappoint in the other facets.

Build Quality

To start off, it uses rubber grips with a universal car mount design that helps firmly grasp any device that is less than 5.3 inches in size. Heads up, this isn’t one of those cheap knock-offs made in China.

The body and its clasp to hold the device both appears rugged. But the biggest attraction point is the suction cap with its sticky surface (something that you might think limits reusability). While it’s soft and sticky, is also washable and so you can reuse it even if it gets dirty. I have been using it since I got it and it hasn’t lost suction even once with the hot summer sun. I couldn’t say this about previous car mounts. I must say, the construction is top notch and dependable.


The car mount installation instructions are short and simple to follow. In fact, it features a simple one hand quick install and release module that helps me take it along in my minivan when I have to pick up the kids. Can’t really comment about off-road and extreme usability but from my time with it, I believe it can stand up to a few bumps and bangs.

Efficiency And Usability

It takes my Note II and my Samsung S4 adjusting the grips accordingly so that it never rattles or feels jittery.montar1 Moreover, thanks to the unique design, I can rotate the mount 360 degrees without having to worry about the grip. By far, this is the most efficient and effective car mount I have used to-date. The mount is outstandingly good and offers plenty of usability.


Totally solid construction, looks great, decent suction cup feature with washable construction and a full 360 degree swivel action make the MONTAR Universal Car Mount a must have if you plan on using your mobile device while you drive or simply want a mount for your GPS device. What I’m most happy about is that once installed it won’t budge or loose suction. Your phone will stay glued to the mount and the mount to the glass regardless of how bumpy the ride gets.


  • Universal Car  Mount : Compatible with all devices up to 5.3″ screen size
  • U.S patented suction cup
  • One hand quick install and release
  • Use in off-road and extreme road conditions
  • Rubber grip protects your device from scratches
  • 360 free rotation
  • Windshield & Dashboard
  • Unique Design
  • Can be used in extreme weather conditions
  • All smartphone ports are available for use
  • Washable suction cup