Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection for All Your Devices

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection
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Say goodbye to scratches, fingerprints and filth. Fully protect your phone screen from dirt, oil, dust and much more. Provides ultra-thin, tough, bubble-free protection. Only £6.99



Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection

Why buy Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection?

This liquid glass will provide a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from
dirt, oil, dust, abrasion and bacteria for up to 12 months.

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The amazing features include:

Smooth adhesion without annoying air bubbles or unsightly peeling.Works perfectlywith touchscreen phones, tablets or even spectacles.Protection from dirt, dust and morekeeping your screen looking like new.Dries in a matter of minutes to quickly get you back to using your device.

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Watch this in-depth video featuring Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection:

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