Concave Touch Screen Watch – Kisai Vortex.

Check out the new Watch in Town: Kisai Vortex   vortex_led_watch_smoke_r1





“A spiraling time display beneath a sleek concave lens, Kisai Vortex is a limited edition touch-screen watch with a host of features. Two time zones, date, alarm, animation, LED light-up & audio feedback, housed in a stainless steel case with a stunning gunmetal finish.”



“Styled into a vibrant cyclone of rings, the time display may look complex to outsiders but is much like a regular clock and simple to read at a glance when you know how. The gap in the outer ring of 12 large blocks indicates the current hour in the same position as a regular clock. Just inside that are smaller dots for the minutes 1-60. The inner two rings show the hours and minutes for time zone 2 in the same way.”







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