TYLT energi 2KSmart Travel Charger

ENERGI2KTCG-T2Housed in a modern and chic casing, this tiny smart travel charger from TYLT called the “energy 2K” is more than an AC adapter. Not only does it charge smartphones and mp3 players from all conventional plug points but also carries a 2200mAh internal rechargeable battery that always stays fully charged allowing you to charge on-the-go even at times when you don’t have access to AC sockets.

Beautiful Design

In an age where design comes first, why settle for obnoxious looking white oblong chargers when you can get this colorful, petite and stylish looking adapter? It features subtle corners, a lightweight body and retracting pin-heads. A cute box design gives this portable charger a head start into the next generation of AC adapters.

Built-in Battery

With 2200mAh of internal rechargeable battery built-in, you truly won’t ever run out of charge. When you do find a socket you can directly charge your smartphone and in turn juice up the internal battery of the energy 2K. At other times when charging points are scarce take advantage of the built-in battery and keep your smartphone fully charged at all times.

Regulated 1A Circuit

Unlike conventional chargers that do not offer a regulated IC controlled circuit this travel charger provides 1 ampere of steady current at all times. This allows you to charge all and any smartphone. As long as you carry your cables, you can charge directly from the adapter with or without a compatible socket.

Collapsible Plug

The adapter features a collapsible universal plug that settles inside to a compact form allowing maximum portability. Carry it to school, on camping trips or on the road and when you do come across a suitable socket, snap the plug open and take full advantage. At other times keep the plug collapsed inside.

Multiple Colors

This rechargeable battery portable AC adapter comes in three different colors of red, blue and green. Take your pick from the wide color palate and match it to your specific handset for a truly unique combination of phone plus charger.

Features And Specifications

  • Modern design with 2-in-1 operation
  • 1 Amp circuit for rapid charging of smartphones
  • 2200mAh Lithium ion rechargeable battery built-in
  • Compact design with collapsible plug
  • Perfectly suited for frequent travelers

Overall, this portable charger with built-in battery from TYLT is a lifesaver and also happens to look quite stylish. However, it does not come with a USB cable so remember to carry your own cable along.

The only negative is that the packaging is extravagantly high-end and is a bit wasteful with lots of plastic that is just going to be thrown away.