CHOE 50W Multi Port USB Charger with Smart Technology

IMG_0179 Short of charging points for your smartphones, mp3 players and other USB based devices? Carry this all-in-one multiple USB charger from CHOE and you can simultaneously keep up to six devices charged at all times. It plugs into a single plug socket and allows total of six connections at once.

Compact Size

The CHOE 50W Multi-port USB Charger is a compact, easy-to-use device that plugs into all conventional sockets. This tiny package is easy to conceal and carry hence making it the ideal traveler’s choice. Take it along in your pocket, drop it into your rucksack or handbag and use it wherever you find a plug point.

Exceptional Build Quality

While it is lightweight and compact, the build quality is exceptional. Unlike cheap knock-offs, this charger packs in durable components, a promise of longevity and consistent operation.


You get a total of 6 USB ports to charge from. You can simultaneously connect smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, GPS devices and more. It does not matter what you plug in as this compact converter will handle it all.

IC Controlled Charging

To ensure optimal power discharge, the unit packs in an IC that regulates the output to each device individually. This ensures that the USB charger always pumps out the optimal current necessary for varying devices. Tablets get their 2 Ampere of current, smartphones receive 1 Amp and so on. You don’t have to instruct or toggle any switch for this as it does it all automatically.

Can P21ower Apple Products

As long as you carry the right Lightning cord, you can charge all your Apple smart devices with this single AC adapter. It replaces multiple adapters and reduces clutter too.

Features And Specifications

  • Input rated at 100 to 240 Volt
  • Total output at 10A/5V
  • Weight: 158g
  • Dimensions: 88.4 by 29 by 71.5 mm
  • Total charging ports: 6 USB
  • IC controlled charging for steady and automatic charging of tablets, smartphones and others
  • Compact and portable design

Ideally suited for those who travel with a lot of technology, this CHOE multi-port USB charger is just as large as a conventional adapter and yet manages to simultaneously charge up to a total of 6 different devices. It works on Apple, Samsung and all leading brands, anything that charges via USB and does it all without any human intervention. With a total output of 10A, you can easily charge 5 tablets at once without having to worry about burning the adapter or the cables.