Wireless Qi Charger from PowerBot

pb2PowerBot’s PB 1020 is a new generation wireless charger that can recharge your phone, or other Qi-standard device, without having to plug the phone in. This technology, aside from just being plain cool, saves wear and tear on fragile Micro SD ports.


Compatible with a wide range of Qi compatible devices, this charger works with all the latest cell phone designs, from brands like Samsung and Nokia, as well as the Moto 360 smartwatch. It can also be used on devices without Qi with the help of Qi compatible wireless charging phone cases. These are available for iPhones and more.

Sleek Design 

The charger is smaller in size, as compared to conventional wireless chargers. It comes in a variety of colors and with the design boasting a simple, sleek yet futuristic and sophisticated aura.

Easy to Use

The charger can be plugged directly into the USB port on your computer or with a USB charger. It can work from USB power banks too. Any charger with 500-2100mah of power can be used to power this charger, with the help of a USB to Micro SD cable.

Input and Output

The charger can work on 5V/ 500mAh power, minimum and give the output of 5V/ 1A max. That is ideal for all smart phones and tablets. It is designed to efficiently charge any device with reduced energy consumption.


The PowerBot Qi Wireless Charger is a fantastic deal when you compare to the price to performance. There are other nearly identical chargers available on eBay who have this same design but come with a different name or no name at all and they don’t have PowerBot’s support.

While other wireless chargers might cost a lot more, this charger saves you money and is compatible with all devices we tested it with including the notoriously finicky LG G3.