Microsoft unveils Surface Laptop – Their Cloud Laptop

This morning Microsoft hosted an Event (live and online). (#MicrosoftEDU) They began their talk on technology and education. “Team-based Learning” in the classroom is their focus. Ok, the future certainly has to include technology and a thorough understanding of how to use technology is a must. Will technology help students with “different learning styles”?? As someone who overcame dyslexia in a time when that term was never used (my issue was ignored by everyone but myself) I’m interested in seeing how Microsoft thinks they can change the environment of a classroom to help future students.

Frankly, I think a good, inspiring and encouraging teacher is the most important element to the successful education of a child.

What a computer can do is help a child (and adult) learn about how their own mind works. I speak from experience. But a child still needs a good teacher to keep their learning focused in the correct direction.





This “robot” seen on the lower left is used to help children learn to program. The kids can make the robot talk.

Microsoft is very excited that they have set up the login to Windows 10S to be almost IMMEDIATE. It’s as if they noticed Linux and Chromebooks, which have ALWAYS had fast login, and realized this is a good thing.

The Surface Laptop with Windows 10S starts at $189 and will be available this Summer

Office 365 of Education – software to keep teacher and students stay focused on projects. This includes video calls to professionals outside the classroom. It’s like creating social media in the classroom, where everyone can see what everyone is saying and doing. Students can also go back to what was previously taught and review aspects they might have missed.

Minecraft (Education Edition) is used to teach children to code an entire universe.


View Mixed Reality – add 3D objects with real life person. In this case they add the Curiosity Rover with a person on the stage:



Mixed Reality uses VR to, as one teacher said, have available a 3D chalk board. It allows students to “feel” and see inside a body, play a virtual instrument or go somewhere outside the classroom.



The Surface Laptop


Microsoft worked to make this a well designed and beautiful Laptop


The Surface Laptop is available in four colors: platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue, and graphite gold.





The Surface Pen works on this screen. He just wrote on the screen here (the circle and the word “awesome”):



3D4Medical – allows interaction with models. Information and notes can be added and saved on the cloud – available not only to yourself but to others studying the same information.





The Surface Laptop has a 13.5-inch PixelSense display. They claim 14 hours of battery life.









The Surface Laptop will come equipt with a regular USB port, mini DisplayPort, and the conventional Surface power connector.






Windows 10S is the OS included for this Laptop. That’s fabric that surrounds the keys





The Surface Laptop can be ordered now