Mujjo Has Designed Beautiful Leather Cases For The Galaxy S8 and S8+

Mujjo is well known for high quality products and they continue to live up o their reputation with these new phone cases.

This is what Mujjo has to say about their process in designing the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases:

Part of what makes the Mujjo leather cases so unique is the premium quality of the materials and design which is at once simple and elegant. After the massive success of Mujjo’s iPhone cases, and with Samsung’s release of the S8 and S8+, we feel now’s the time to bring our renowned cases to Galaxy.

These leather cases are designed to be clean and contemporary. A super slim profile, a sleek silhouette and unobtrusive design follow the outlines of the device, with perfectly placed openings for the volume rockers and connectors.

We deliberately avoided using a plastic ring around the camera opening and instead developed a leather chamfer that subtly curves inwards complementing the elegance of the design’s aesthetic and making it effortless to use the fingerprint sensor.

Satin-like microfiber-lined interior
The case interiors are lined with the finest Japanese microfiber, a slim super-strong fabric that is lightweight. With a sophisticated, satin-like finish this material provides luxurious padded comfort for your Galaxy S8.

Fully leather-wrapped profile
The fully leather wrapped cases seek to accentuate rather than conceal the Galaxy S8’s beautiful design. A super slim profile and clean silhouette follow the contours of the device, resulting in a well-balanced and inherently right design: unmistakably Mujjo.

Full-grain leather with character
Mujjo’s cases are crafted from premium quality full-grain leather which, enhanced by a meticulous tanning process, adds character by allowing the natural grain to show through. High quality and attention to detail have become emblematic of both Mujjo’s products and brand. Each case is manufactured with care and treated with aniline oil to enrich color tones.

Galaxy-S8-Saddle-Tan             Galaxy S8 Plus – Saddle Tan
Galaxy-S8-Black                              Galaxy S8 Plus – Black


  • The only full-grain leather case for the Galaxy S8(+) on the market;
  • Super slim fully leather-wrapped silhouette;
  • Premium quality full-grain leather;
  • Interior lined with the finest Japanese microfiber;
  • 1 mm raised bezel that keeps abrasive surfaces away;
  • Chamfer for effortless use of fingerprint sensor;