Tiles will Keep You From Losing Your Stuff

I have never lost my keys but not everyone is as persnickety as I am about their keys. In fact I DO know people who regularly misplace their stuff. When I became aware of these TILES I knew this could be the solution for such persons.


TILEs come in a lovely box with documentation included. The TILE is encased in a foam frame to protect it.


The instructions in the box ask you to got to downloadtile.com to register and get the Tile App. You are asked for your phone number or email and the link to the app is sent to either your phone or email address.


You are also sent a number to confirm your TILE account. To make an account you have the option of signing in with a facebook account (feh) or using an email plus password. Once you get this confirmation Number you just insert that into the web page where so indicated. The web site has a Help Center which can be accessed from any browser and on your phone from the app.


The App starts with a short explanation of how to use a TILE

To properly use a TILE you have to turn on your Bluetooth and Location:


Allow the Bluetooth devices to Pair with each other


Make sure your phone can communicate with the TILE:


decide what it is you DON’T want to lose or misplace ever again:


Test the connection to the TILE – tap the “Find” button and…Find IT!

Found It! You will hear a song (and you can edit the TILE to pick that ringtone) Yeah, it works!!

Those three icons under the “Nearby Now” alert indicate “mute”, “lower volume”, “increase volume” to control the ringtone’s volume.



You can check out the TILE App here and the web site is here. As you can see from this blog post, it’s the Pro series of TILEs will let you control the volume and particular ringtone used.



for more HOW TO Videos, clicky.



Now, what about that person I was telling you about who always misplaces her stuff?? I figured I would give her the TILE I had already tried out. Could I give this to her? Why, yes! As I had already linked one TILE to my account I wanted to “Transfer” that TILE to her. Here’s how it’s done:


Slide the TILE image to the left until it reveals “… , Edit, Hide”. Tap on the ” … “ section. This reveals:


Options to Transfer (to another owner/account) or Replace (when you want to replace an old TILE with a new TILE).


In the meanwhile the person who you wish to transfer the TILE to will have logged into the TILE website and created an account. When you have tapped the Transfer option this comes up:They simply type in their email address and confirm their account. ALL done! They now just attach that TILE to whatever they don’t want to misplace.



So, I still have this other TILE!

Now I can ADD and connect my other new TILE. I just make sure my Bluetooth is on and press the middle button on the TILE to activate the Tile Bluetooth. Whamo! Connected. Now the software wanted to update, so I let it…..


you can also use the TILE to find your phone:


You can ALSO Share your TILE’s location with a friend. Just tap the “Share Tile” button and add their email address.


This gives you added protection and help in finding your lost stuff.


At any time you can always locate your TILES (or your friend’s TILES) on a map



The battery in each TILE lasts about a year. and when you want another TILE you REPLACE it with this program. Go ahead, try it out…. what do you have to lose?