ZTE dual-screen Axon M – Double the Pleasure – Double the Fun!

ZTE believes innovation is lacking in the smartphone industry, that consumers want more from the devices they use the most but companies aren’t delivering. It’s true. While smartphones offer spectacular performance and stellar cameras, there hasn’t been a game-changing feature as of late. The minute differences between last year’s iPhone 7 and this year’s iPhone 8 are a good example.

The Chinese company’s solution is a little strange, though. The next major trend it wants to start is the “foldable phone,” beginning with the ZTE Axon M. In our hands-on review, we found it’s far from what you’d expect a foldable phone to look and work like, but it certainly is unique. The Axon M kicks off a new category of devices in the Axon line — ZTE stresses that the device is not the successor to last year’s Axon 7, which we can expect in early 2018. But is this foldable phone worth bending over for?

Source: ZTE doubles down on different with the dual-screen Axon M