Galaxy S9 will incorporate two cutting-edge technologies!

The Galaxy S9 series will be the first to introduce SLP, on this next generation main board. SLP, short for ‘Substrate Like PCB’, combines ‘MSAP’ method, which was used for manufacturing semiconductor substrate, with ‘HDI’. For this reason, it is called SLP, which means PCB that resembles a semiconductor substrate. This shrinks the overall space needed for the main board and all allow significant reorganization of the components.

Another first will be the use of ‘Y-OCTA’, a touch-integrated display technology. Y-Octa is Samsung’s proprietary technology that incorporates a touch-sensitive display on a flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED). Galaxy S9’s 5.77-inch and Galaxy S9 Plus’s 6.22-inch flexible OLED will be manufactured in Y-Octa.

Source: [ET News]