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Microsoft Drops a New Feature… Drop!

After years of abusing the platform independence of Skype to send files to ourselves, Microsoft has figured it out, and has decided to embrace the feature. Now introducing “Drop,” the newest feature in Edge. Basically, this is a Skype-like sidebar feature in Edge that allows users to move files between platforms using Edge and OneDrive. A seemingly “ho hum” feature that fully breaks the barriers between nearly every digital ecosystem out there. In other words, a real reason to have people “sign in” on a browser that’s really worth the time to do so.

Features: Sending images, zip files, and notes to yourself from one platform to another. You rock Linux at work? No problem. You have a Mac, but work on a Windows PC? Also, no problem. Send a photo to your friends on XBox from your iPhone? Done. Use Photoshop on your Mac, but use Microsoft Office for presentations? Yeah, you see where this is going. Due to the ambiguity of the cloud, this takes the clutter out of using various cloud storage solutions. This is just easy.

It works by using a Microsoft Account where one will have their OneDrive and Edge connected. Used by simply opening the side-bar from Edge to access the “chat tab” of Drop. That’s it. You can then also access the files directly in OneDrive (yes, this would be where it would be deleted as well). This is very handy for people with multiple OS based devices. What’s more, if you have Edge and a Microsoft account (Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, etc) – you’ll only need to answer the prompt to activate the next time you open Edge.


Happy Self-Sharing