Galaxy Ring Secrets Spilled: FCC Reveals Sizes, Battery Details, more

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Samsung Galaxy Ring Visits the FCC: What We Know So Far

As the tech world buzzes with anticipation, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Ring has made a significant stop at the FCC. This visit has unveiled some intriguing details about the wearable, including battery sizes, model numbers, and ring sizes. However, recent reports hint that this new gadget might come with a higher price tag than the popular Galaxy Watch series.

Official Launch at Unpacked Event

Samsung is gearing up to officially unveil the Galaxy Ring at its highly anticipated Unpacked event in July. While the company has confirmed the ring’s existence and design, many specifics about its features and specifications remain tightly guarded. Nonetheless, Droid Life has uncovered some interesting details from the FCC database.

Key Details from the FCC Listing

According to the FCC listing, the Galaxy Ring will come in up to nine sizes, although the current listing mentions eight specific sizes, each with unique model numbers and battery capacities. The smallest model, the SM-Q503, has live images and measurements available. This model is referred to as “basic,” suggesting that Samsung might reserve certain features for larger models, though this remains speculative at this point.

Battery Capacities

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Ring with three different battery sizes: 17mAh, 18.5mAh, and 22.5mAh. Interestingly, the largest battery is only mentioned for one model, hinting at potential variations in features or usage across the different sizes.

Connectivity and Charging

The FCC entry also reveals that the Galaxy Ring will connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth LE, with no mention of WiFi—a reasonable omission for a device of this nature. Additionally, there is a sketch of the charging cradle included in the listing, although it is unclear whether there will be different cradle sizes for different ring models.

Sneak Peek at the Design

Typically, live images of new products remain hidden in certification databases until an official launch is imminent. However, the images of the Galaxy Ring are already available, providing an early glimpse into its design and structure.

Anticipation Builds

With its official debut just around the corner, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is generating significant excitement. The details emerging from the FCC listing offer a tantalizing preview of what to expect from Samsung’s latest innovation. As we await the full reveal at the Unpacked event, the tech community is eager to see how the Galaxy Ring will stand out in the crowded wearable market.

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