Video: New Cruz t410 Tablet

We recently had the chance to visit the folks over at Velocity Micro and see their two new tablets. The new t410 really grabbed our attention as it’s a very light and well built 10.1 inch display tablet that has a low MSRP of only $299.99.

The tablet is running a modified Gingerbread with a Honeycomb-like menu bar across the top of the home screen. It comes with a full copy of Quick Office and the Amazon Appstore.

The tablet has has the bezel surrounding the screen reduced to under 1/2 an inch except on the bottom edge which is about the one inch standard. In practical purposes this means the overall size seems far far smaller than other 10 in tablets. When held in the hand it’s quite comfortable and easy to hold for longer periods of time.

The rear of the tablet is rubberized and easy to hold. There are little modest angles that add a nice style to the design without over-doing it.

The tablet has a MiniUSB connector, we would have preferred a MicroUSB connection, on/off and volume buttons, and a MicroSD card slot so you can expand from the included, internal, 4gb of memory.

Here’s our video!