Reinventing the Blackberry – The New Z10

Blackberry-Z10While Android has taken the world by storm Blackberry has been quietly reworking itself. Will it regain it’s former lead? Time will tell.


Here’s a demo of the new keyboard – no longer a physical entity it is now a touchscreen virtual keyboard. Once we see it live we may be able to compare it to the previous Blackberry typing. Not to mention a comparison with Android. But I’m a fan of competition because it’s good for everyone.  You can’t go too wrong with “contextual auto-correction, next-word prediction, and a personalized learning engine that gets to know the way you type”.

And up to 13 days* standby time !?!? Really?? WOW!

1080p HD video recording puts it up there with what we basically expect for those little extras on a smart phone. Themes, apps, mmm….this Blackberry is looking good!