Get T-Mobile Galaxy S8 pre-order Deals – while they last

The Essentials

Samsung’s latest phones all come with a minimum of 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. Base price for the S8 is $750. Base price for the S8+ is $850. In addition to full payment, payment plans are available. Customers pre-ordering the S8 or S8+ should see their phones delivered no later than the release date of April 21st, but many customers report that T-Mobile is already shipping their units.

Gigabit Class

The S8 and S8+ will use all three of T-Mobile’s advanced LTE technologies, making them the first gigabit-class smartphones on the network. S8 and S8+ users should expect up to double current network speeds.

The Colors

T-Mobile has the S8 and S8+ in 3 colors, Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, and Orchid Gray. We viewed these models in person at the New York City reveal and were truly drawn to the orchid gray. Its unique finish and hint of color is particularly striking.

The Plans

Buyers can choose to purchase either S8 model outright, but there are also EIP (equipment installment plans) starting at just $30 per month, over 24 months. Plans and down payments can differ based on credit.

Pre-order gifts

Customers who pre-order before the April 21st release date will receive the new Galaxy S8 version of the Gear VR headset and the entirely new Gear Motion Controller. We tried both at Samsung’s Unpacked event in New York City and found the new Motion Controller to be a real treat. This Bluetooth connected 3D controller allows far better interaction within VR games and content and should make the Gear VR environment a more effective platform.

All buyers, whether purchasing outright or on a payment plan will qualify to receive these free gifts.

Samsung Promotions

In addition, Samsung is offering all US S8 and S8+ buyers a large discount on a pair of additional upgrades. This $99 package includes the highly rated AKG Bluetooth wireless over-the-ear headphones and a Samsung 256GB micro-SD card. Each of these retail for over $120 each, so for those who want maximum storage or a fine piece of listening equipment, this is a worthy bargain.

Deals and Extras

For a limited time, T-Mobile is offering 2 lines of unlimited LTE data for $100 per month, including all taxes and fees. Also on offer is a $50 prepaid MasterCard for each line brought to T-Mobile.

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Samsung Promotions – Headphone and 256GB micro-SD deal